For many years CERIF (Family Business Research Center Association) has studied merits, trade-financial trends, turnover development and characteristics of family-owned companies, with particular attention to the challenges to be faced and the various phases of the generational transition.

Now at the 8th edition, the Center presented their ‘Survey 2018’ on Saturday 1 December 2018 in an event "From father to son, the taste of doing business" in the prestigious setting of the Great Hall of the Catholic University Sacro Cuore in Milan .

The Besana Group has been selected and put under examination, being among the 5 finalist companies called on the podium for the category ‘Internationalization’ at the Awards Ceremony for the year 2018.



Of course both Giuseppe (Pino) Calcagni and his son Riccardo (right side on the photo), respectively the third and fourth generation of the centenary history of Besana, were present at the event. In addition to Riccardo, his sister Vittoria Calcagni is also part of the actual Group Management.

The Besana Group with this award is counted among the family companies of particular importance in Italy.





Just 10 days before, on Thursday 22 November, the President of the Besana Group, Pino Calcagni, took part in the Round Table as part of the 6th Food & Made in Italy Forum, organized in Milan by ‘Il Sole 24 Ore', one of the major Italian financial newspapers.


The focus points of the discussion between the selected companies (many of them representing the wine sector) were innovation, internationalization, pricing policies and new technologies.

The Besana Group, called for a testimony on innovation in the Italian food supply chain, profiled also in this occasion with its know-how, and not only in the food production reality. Approaching topics like the climate change issue and the consequent need for innovative varieties, Pino Calcagni has given a strong contribution also on agro-industrial aspects, basing on the important experience that Besana attained in an ambitious and increasingly expanding project in favor of new nut cultivation areas in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.