Besana Quality Assurance and Food Safety

The Besana Group has always focused on the importance of food safety and quality assurance systems which form the basis of company policy.

Our company is among the pioneers in the application of its own HACCP plan which expands upon the base of current international legislation and guarantees process and control methods that aim to protect consumer health and the environment. The Besana Group operates in compliance with British Retailer Council Standards, International Food Standard and Customers’ Codes of Practice ensuring that products are in compliance with agreed technical specification in terms of physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic requirements and of current European and national legislation (and their amendments). The Besana Group control system is based on Good Manufacturing Practices, Prerequisites Programs and a Preventive Control Food Safety System that provides a systematic approach to the identification of food safety hazards.

Pillars of this Food Safety System are:

  • Hygiene & Sanitation controls
  • Supply-chain controls
  • Food allergen controls
  • Process controls
  • Product controls

These controls are carried out by a specifically trained staff according to the frequencies defined by our HACCP Plan In particular, Microbiological and Chemical analysis on Raw Material and Finished products are carried out, as appropriate, according to our Internal Monitoring Plan and/or Customer requirements and are performed by contracted External Laboratories accredited according to the ISO 17025.

The Besana Group today offers full food chain traceability.